Characters - Big Rocky

Big Rocky

Big Rocky is the famous local rapper and the most feared roach in town. Lyrically he is terrible but because of his simple, catchy songs and his intimidating status as the Rat Bully’s top goon, he has bullied his way into being the talk of the town. He is also one of the only roaches that can fly which the ladies love. It’s equivalent to a human having a Bentley or Ferrari. He works as the Rat Bully’s head goon to collect debts from whoever owes him. This leads to him always going after Ray, Roscoe and Rico because they never show up when it’s time to give up their portion of food. He is extremely cocky, arrogant, and disrespectful to everyone. He walks around with his shades on and lots of jewelry taking advantage of women and using his entourage to do all of his dirty work. With his sidekick, the loud and boisterous Lil Reggie, Big Rocky will stop at nothing to remain on top and take out anyone who is in his way. Especially Ray, who he knows is way more talented than him so he makes it a point to keep him and his friends under pressure. La La is the only girl in town that Rocky can’t impress which makes him want her even more. He goes out of his way to try and set up situations for them to do music together or do favors for her so he can get her alone but she always turns him down.