Characters - Macman Stan

Macman Stan

Mac Man Stan is owner and only employee of the motel. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to hospitality and maintenance. He is very adamant about keeping the old and very ran down motel in shape because it is his only source of income and he lives there. He is a “smooth operator and an old school playa” that feels he is “on top of his game and all the females want to call his name.” In between him staring at his female guests and looking at himself in the mirror he tries to get the job done. He is a big threat to the roaches because he has no problem smashing, chasing, and swatting them to keep the place clean for his guests and has every intention on doing so. He also has a personal vendetta against the roaches because it’s hard for him to get women and when he finally does get one alone, the roaches always seem to pop up and ruin his dates or interrupt his quality time.