Characters - Rat Bully

Rat Bully

The Rat Bully is the local gangster who lives in the attic of the motel. He strikes fear into the insect community because he moves like a mob boss and he doesn’t play any games. You never know where or when he will pop up but he will do it when you least expect it and when he does “someone better have his cheese or else”. He is greatly feared for terrorizing and extorting insects. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty but he mostly sends Big Rocky and Lil Reggie to do his dirty work. Like the other insects and rodents in the community he has a problem getting food when the humans are around so he always sends the small and faster roaches to go get it for him. He owns the local gambling spot, which he has appointed Big Rocky and Lil Reggie to run out of the motel basement. If there is a wager to be made it is made there. Roscoe is always getting into trouble there because of his gambling addiction so he seems to always owe The Rat Bully something and that usually gets Ray and Rico into trouble too.